Centre for early childhood intervention

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With this project, we are building a place that will be extremely helpful to parents of high-risk children in Međimurje and wider, but also a place of new energy in the development of Pribislavec.
Matija Ladić
- Matija Ladić – Mayor of Pribislavec
The enthusiasm and expertise of Murid's employees and volunteers will be given a roof over their heads, and the children and their families the place of support they need and deserve. Let's support them with our donations!
prof.emerita Marta Ljubešić
Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Zagreb and President of the Board of the Croatian Association for Early Childhood Intervention
Diagnostic processes will be carried out by various experts with appropriate education, competencies and experience, and the MURID Center will integrate such experts from all sectors and counties of north-western Croatia.
Sonja Tošić Grlač
Head of the Administrative Department for Health and Social Welfare of Međimurje County

Meet the future of Centre for early childhood intervention

We are building a place of access to early childhood intervention

Our centre will become a regional and national model of intersectoral cooperation and a unified approach to parents concerned about their child's development. Thanks to the activities, projects and collaborations so far, we are creating a place for a unified system of health, social care, education and the non-governmental sector with the aim of reducing parental wandering and creating a recognizable starting point for all further interventions.

We are building a regional interdisciplinary centre for assessment and diagnostics

Early recognition of developmental abnormalities is a prerequisite for timely intervention. Comprehensive and interdisciplinary functional assessment and diagnostics are an important and necessary element for defining adequate intervention and support of the whole community. Diagnostic processes are carried out by various experts with appropriate education, competencies and experience, and the MURID Early Childhood Intervention Centre will integrate such experts from all sectors and counties of north-western Croatia.

In our centre we educate experts in the field of early childhood intervention

For years, MURID has been a place of student internship and organizer of numerous trainings for professionals in the field of early intervention and for preschool and school system. The building of the Centre for Early Childhood Intervention will create a central place for the development of early intervention programs, transitional support and social inclusion, and a place for education and professional development of all participants in early childhood intervention in Croatia and countries in the region.

A place that lives with its local community

The building of the Centre for Early Childhood Intervention MURID near the town of Čakovec, the new primary school in Pribislavec and the sports fields of NK POLET Pribislavec creates potential for community development. Huge green areas in the area leave the possibility for the construction of an additional sports school hall and accompanying facilities, as well as the possibility for the integration of a new preschool institution, residential areas and other innovative ideas. With this project, we are building a place of synergy of activities that complement and make Pribislavec a new social centre.

See what our center will look like


26 listopada, 2021
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U organizaciji NK Graničar Kotoriba i Škole nogometa Donje Međimurje, u subotu 16. listopada na Sportskom parku u Kotoribi održan je drugi turnir Zabavne lige vrtića MNS-a. Na inicijativu Kristijana Srpaka, Nogometne škole Međimurje i Međimurskog nogometnog saveza, turnir je poprimio i humanitarnu notu te iskazao podršku humanitarnoj kampanji „Za prvih 1000 dana djetinjstva“. 12 […]

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11 listopada, 2021
Sportaši ponovno zaigrali za MURID - HUMANITARNA SUBOTA U PRELOGU

U subotu, 2. listopada 2021. u organizaciji Iner Wheel klub Prelog, Rotary Club Prelog i Tenis klub “PRELOG” održali su se humanitarni teniski turnir i turnir u beli. Nakon što su Teniski klub Dubravčan i Nogometni klub Dubravčan iz Donje Dubrave sredinom ljeta organizirali sportski vikend, ovaj put to su se odvažili učiniti i Preložani. […]

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5 kolovoza, 2021
Humanitarni sportski vikend „ZA PRVIH 1000 DANA DJETINJSTVA“

Sportski park Krbulja u Donjoj Dubravi protekli je vikend, 31. 7. i 1. 8. 2021., bio centar prvog humanitarnog događanja u sklopu humanitarne kampanje „ZA PRVIH 1000 DANA DJETINJSTVA“ na kojem su se prikupljala sredstva za izgradnju Centra za ranu intervenciju u djetinjstvu MURID. U donatorsku su se kampanju punih srca uključili članovi teniskog kluba […]

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